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TAS Industries is proud to introduce the TAS Trimmer sprinkler head trimmer for landscape and golf irrigation. The TAS Trimmer is a steel blade designed to efficiently trim grass away from sprinkler heads, valve box covers, yardage markers, tee markers and bunkers (without liners).  It attaches to any straight shaft line trimmer on the market by using a brush cutter adapter kit. The TAS Trimmer is used by Golf Course Superindendents, Sports Turf Maintenance Professionals and Landscape Maintenance Professionals all over the world. This innovative irrigation maintenance tool is the result of years of trial and error.  The final product was an economical, efficient, and high quality sprinkler head trimmer that has revolutionized the concept of irrigation maintenance. The simple one-piece design makes the TAS Trimmer the best and most cost efficient sprinkler head trimmer in the world!

TAS Industries is a wholesale company that manufactures the TAS Trimmer for irrigation maintenance. We have many reputable dealers / retailers throughout the United States and Europe. Please visit our dealers page to locate the most convenient location to purchase the TAS Trimmer.

Those interested in carrying products, please contact us.  Usually within 24 hours.

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TAS Trimmer - (Landscape Models)

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TAS Trimmer - (Golf Course Models)

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