TAS Trimmer
Retail $23.05

The TAS Trimmer 7" model is the original sprinkler head trimmer for trimming around 6" valve box covers and sprinkler head donuts.  It can also be used to trim sprinkler heads that measure 6.5" - 6.75".

TAS Trimmer G.C. - 7.5H
Retail $23.05

The TAS Trimmer 7.5" was originally designed tor trime Hunter 860 through 880 series sprinkler heads.  Today it works with many other types of heads that measure 7.25" in diameter.

TAS Trimmer G.C. - 10
Retail $36.70

The TAS Trimmer 10.25" works great on Toro 690 rotary heads plus 9" and 10" valve box covers.
TAS Trimmer 5.5H
Retail $22.00

The TAS Trimmer 5.5H is designed to trim around the Hunter I-90 and Rainbird R-50 sprinkler heads as well as 4.5" quick connect valves and 5" drain covers.

TAS Trimmer G.C. - 8.5E
Retail $31.45

The TAS Trimmer 8.5" works great on Rainbird 950 rotary heads and any 8.25" sprinkler heads.

TAS Trimmer G.C. - EBR 4.5
Retail $22.00

The TAS Trimmer 4.5" model is designed to trime around Rain Bird "Eagle Box Rotor" 351 heads.  The 4.5" trimmer gives a 1/4" clearance when cutting around any 4.25" head.
TAS Trimmer II
Retail $20.95

The TAS Trimmer 3.75" is designed to trim around pop-up and rotary sprinkler heads.  It works great with Buckner, Hunter, Rainbird, R.L. Nelson, Hardie/Richdell, K-Rain, Weathermatic and Toro.

TAS Trimmer G.C.-8
Retail $30.40

The TAS Trimmer 8" works great on Hunter G-90 and G-95 Rotary Heads, Rainbird series 900, Toro 650 through 780 series and Bear 870.

TAS Trimmer G.C. - 7.75H
Retail $26.20

The TAS Trimmer 7.75" is designed to trim around the Hunter 900 & 950 series heads as well as John Deere D75/D85 and D70/D100 heads.

TAS Trimmer G.C. - 6.25

Retail $22.00
The TAS Trimmer 7.75" is designed to trim around the Toro 835B and DT34B heads.