Favorite Links

Here's a few links to some of our favorite places on the web.  Enjoy!
Vulcher Mulcher

The Vulcher Mulcher is a mower attachment that not only mulches but keeps debris from escaping.  It's known as the "Safety Mulcher".


Top Saw

The Top Saw is a handy multi-tool for use with chainsaws.  A priceless tool on any landscaping job-site.

Easy-Lift Harness

The Easy-Lift Harness is a power assisted lifting harness designed to support the weight of heavy landscape power equipment.  See how easy it is to work safely on the ground.

WEBSITE -> www.easyliftharness.com
BLOG -> blog.easyliftharness.com

Cutter Gloves

Cutter Gloves are premium goatskin gloves designed by tree surgeons.  They're good for home & garden as well as on the toughest jobs.

WEBSITE -> www.cuttergloves.co.uk